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We work towards simplifying queue management, that's what we do best!

VisitQ is a queue system which focuses on making queuing uncomplicated for both visitors and consumers. With the help of our displays and software, you easily see which number is being processed and when its your turn and where to go when your number is projected on the display.

If you are interested in how VisitQ works read about it in detail below

Our product & service

We specelize in simplified queue systems that are tailord to the customers needs

Overview Display

The overview display projects the current queue number as well as the previously displayed number. A simple overview to see ongoing and recently called queue numbers.

Number displays at counters

The number displays are placed next to the respective counter. The display shows which counter it, which number was called as well as which number is next in turn.


We will assist in the setup process of VisitQ. The software has a intuitive interface and is cloud-based for ease of access.

How does the VisitQ queue system work and what does it include.

Our product

VisitQ on site

queue management system
Manage patient flow, improve resources and reduce stress among staff. Minimize the risk of viruses spreading on the premises. A queuing system for patients which promotes social distancing.
queue management system
By using digital queuing solutions, you can easily manage the flow of visitors and minimize spontaneous visits and optimize resource allocation. Maintain social distancing in receptions and waiting rooms.
queue management system
Reduce physical queues at shopping centers and in stores with digital solutions. Keep customers informed with SMS and notifications. Implement social distancing for retail while customers shop. Increase security for customers and staff

Overview of VisitQ



Here is an overview of how VisitQ can be set up for you as a customer. In this schematic, a terminal station in the right corner serves the three agents/desks. On the wall is an overview display that shows the current queue number and which counter handles this particular number. At each counter there is a smaller number display that shows which queue number is being served at that particular counter.

Simplified queuing system a few clicks away

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