VisitQ consists of 4 parts

You choose how you want to set up the system

Fully set up, VisitQ consists of a kiosk terminal, an overview display, a number display above the counter and a queue display behind the counter to call the next number. You choose the set-up that suits you the best and you can of course have several kiosk terminals, overview screens and counters.

There are limitation on the number of devices, disks. Everything is up to the organization. Go to the Price page and read more about products and features.

queue management system
queue management system


Customer satisfaction data for more insightful decisions

VisitFeedback is a customer feedback solution that measures customers’ experiences and opinions about your company across all touchpoints throughout the journey.

The system allows you to receive feedback at different levels in your company to ensure your services quality.

queue management system
Visit Feeback Mobile
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