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queue management system

Uppsala Municipality

This reception handles visitors to SFI and Jobbcoach and other matters. VisitQ is adapted to cope with queues that have unique opening hours, lunches, and other interruptions. The reception can easily start and stop queues, change messages on the kiosk screen and more.

queue management system

VisitQ Parts

VisitQ Parts
1. Overview screen with clear numbers for easy queue management.
2. Screens above disks to guide visitors to the right counter/errand
3. Queue number kiosk. Support for unlimited language and case queues to best fit into your organization.
4. “Queue feeder”, screen to output queue numbers. It works well with PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone.

Gothenburg Social Administration

In this reception, VisitQ has been integrated with our visitor system VisitLog and thus handles both pre-booked visits and queue management. The visitor easily takes their queue number tag and VisitQ’s overview screen instructs the visitor which queue number is managed and which counter the visitor should go to.

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